Beekeeping in Barbados

Key information about bees and the business of beekeeping in Barbados.

The Industry’s Goals And Activities

The Industry’s Goals And Activities

Since around the beginning of 2019, the larger Barbadian public has been made aware of a developing beekeeping industry on the island. However, few people know that it had been a decade before then that the Barbados Beekeepers Association (now the Barbados Apicultural...

Who Else Is Interested In The Industry

Who Else Is Interested In The Industry

The beekeeping industry of Barbados has attracted more than its fair share of investors as well as assistance from out-of-town participants. In September 2019 Argentine experts provided training for beekeepers in Barbados (as well as in Dominica) as part of API...

Safety Tips When Encountering Bees

Safety Tips When Encountering Bees

Rid yourself of the notion that a flying or buzzing bee is exclusively out to sting you. Bees don’t sting unless they feel threatened. Things to do if you encounter a bee/beehive: - If a bee flies into you, leave immediately. You are considered a danger to the bee -...

The Barbados Apiculture Association recognizes the photo and video content contributions of Ms. Meike Joseph who has given us express permission for the use of content from her personal gallery! We appreciate you, Meike!


The Nectar and Pollen Calendar

The nectar and pollen calendar is a record of the flowering pattern of bee-friendly plants. 

The BAA Constitution

Review the thirteen articles of the Barbados Apiculture Association Constitution. Read online or download the PDF.


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