Beekeeping in Barbados

Key information about bees and the business of beekeeping in Barbados.

Products From Beehives

Products From Beehives

When people hear the word bees, they automatically think about honey. There are more useful products in a beehive that the bees produce in addition to honey. These include propolis,  royal jelly, beeswax and pollen. Honey Honey is made from the nectar collected...

What Happens When Bees Swarm

What Happens When Bees Swarm

Swarming occurs when a large group of bees from a hive leave with a queen to form a new colony. This occurs when conditions in the hive cannot support the present number of bees. It can be seen as a form of reproduction. Before the swarm occurs a new queen is raised...

Why does honey come in different colours??

Why does honey come in different colours??

The natural colour spectrum of honey can vary from light amber to even black. It is dependent on several different factors such as: -Mineral and ash content (higher levels result in a darker honey) -Pollen content -Plant origin -Geographical origin -Temperature...

Why The Industry In Barbados Still Lives!

Why The Industry In Barbados Still Lives!

It is a known fact that Barbados is the region’s largest importer of honey per year. The greatest source confusion, however, is the ‘Why?’. Why is it that one of the island’s best kept secrets for so long remained a secret for so long ESPECIALLY when it could have...

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The Nectar and Pollen Calendar

The nectar and pollen calendar is a record of the flowering pattern of bee-friendly plants. 

The BAA Constitution

Review the thirteen articles of the Barbados Apiculture Association Constitution. Read online or download the PDF.


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